What is Orthodek ?

OrthoDek is an excellent alternative to marine carpet and traditional molded-in nonskid. Designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the marine environment, OrthoDek is made from our V-Cell material. V-Cell is UV-resistant closed-cell EVA foam that will not absorb water, and provides exceptional traction when wet or dry. V-Cell shock absorbing qualities deliver maximum comfort on the water, and fishermen appreciate its sound-dampening properties. Where V-Cell is offered as a DYI product. OrthoDek is totally custom allowing for a completely unique solution.

Quality Foam & Fabrication

Our marine flooring is marine grade EVA foam with added UV protection to resist fading and cracking from sun exposure.

V•Cell sheets are trimmed during installation. For a professional fit, opt for OrthoDek’s precision-machinedquality

Practical & Attractive

VEPO marine flooring improves the comfort, visibility, and traction of your boat’s surfaces while enhancing its appearance.

Common Uses

Kayaks, Canoes, Surf Board, Wind Surfing Boards, Bass Boats, Cruisers, Sport, Sailing, Hobie, Golf Carts,Cooler Tops, etc…