VEPO™ Bottle Zipper Koozie Set - (6 pcs)

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Brand: VEPO™
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Our most popular koozie! This item is printed with both VEPO™ & OrthoDek™ logos. Our neoprene zipper bottle koozie is an upgrade from foam collapsible (more durable, dense neoprene wet suit type material). This koozie measures 4″x8″ pressed flat, the bottom has a 2.5″ diameter and the material is 3mm in thickness. There are 2 seams, one on each side of the item, the seams can be recognized on the exterior of the item by a zig zag stitch up and down. The zipper is on 1 side and goes about 5″ from the top down. This standard size bottle holder fits most regular size 12 oz. beer bottles. 

Sold in sets of (6) pcs.