OrthoDek is an innovative marine product applied by some the world’s leading watercraft OEM’s, but also in the aftermarket by boat owners looking to add that cutting-edge custom look to their marine vessel. Our flooring replaces traditional hardware affixed carpeting and other non-skid flooring solutions. OrthoDek is manufactured by using the latest state of the art CAD technology, made from “V-Cell”, our proprietary, closed cell, non-skid, UV-resistant PE/EVA foam. V-Cell does not absorb water and provides exceptional traction when wet or dry. Our products offer a safe, comfortable and affordable experience compared to most products currently in the marine flooring market space. OrthoDek is completely customizable, from your color selections, textures, design and more. Our designers truly bring your vision to life!
We pride ourselves in the details. VEPO product development teams have developed a seamless process that gets OrthoDek onto you boat in as little as 2 weeks, start to finish. We use an acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA). Our aviation grade peel and stick application makes for a simple, mess free, installation that entails no drilling or gluing like traditional flooring products. In addition to our 2-layer/2color (3mm+3mm) OrthoDek, we offer 3-layer/3-color options, fish rulers, helm pads, cooler mats, coaming bolsters, defenders, and more. We offer custom routing and static laser logos on most of these products, which makes for a great pairing with your new custom tailored OrthoDek!

VEPO ™ produces the most state-of-the-art non-skid products available on the market, with a commitment to quality manufacturing and customer satisfaction. Trusted by marine industry professionals around the globe, we are continually researching and enhancing our products to exceed customer needs. We look forward to serving you!