Dimension Measuring

Windshield Gaskets

Vepo Windshield Gasket material is an excellent alternative to worn OEM gaskets. Produced from a slightly softer version of VCell. The gaskets are water resistant, durable and UV protected making them an ideal product for the marine environment. Offered in a variety of colors and sizes, gaskets are an easy DYI project to make your windshield channel water tight. Simply measure our channel opening and select from one of the sizes list below.


  • Closed Cell, Water Resistant, Durable
  • UV Protected
  • DYI Easy
  • Variety of Colors and Sizes
  • For a size not listed, contact us


Size: Thickness: Width: Length:
Small 10mm, 13mm, 16mm .75″ 76″
Medium 10mm, 13mm, 16mm 1″ 76″
Large 10mm, 13mm, 16mm 1.25″ 76″

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