Coaming Bolsters

Vepo Coaming Bolsters are ideal to improve the comfort and safety of your guests. Installed on the gunnel wall to provide a comfortable spot to lean on. Bolsters are produced using VCell a closed cell EVA based foam ideal for the marine environment. Soft to the touch yet highly durable. Available is three thickness options and a wide array of colors and designs. Illustrated below are our stock options. They can be purchased as a solid piece of VCell or as a two-layer laminate. The laminate provides a unique look allowing the patterns to stand out while maintaining the key features. All Coaming Bolsters come with adhesive.The is an acrylic based marine grade adhesive (“peel-n-stick”) to add in the ease of installation.


  • Closed Cell EVA based foam
  • Durable & Shock Absorbent
  • UV Protected
  • Water and Stain Resistant
  • acrylic based marine grade PSA
  • Anti-Fatigue
  • Decorative & Functional
  • Variety of Stock Options

Sheet Size

Bolster Size

Size: Width: Length:
Small 4.5″ 23″
Medium 4.5″ 43″
Large 4.5″ 69″

Ruler Size

Size: Width: Length:
Small 4.5″ 18″
Medium 4.5″ 36″
Large 4.5″ 60″

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